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"You did a fantastic job. The place is perfect…but without your fantastic contribution to our electric illumination, we could not have created such wonderfully warm and beautiful spaces."


"As I see it, the advantage you have over the “big box” stores is your ability to provide one-on-one personal service.  People need to feel important and listened to, I think you understand that."


"Thank you for your expertise, lovely friendship and humour - and for your access to first-rate lighting!"

Scho and Judith

"Atlantic Lighting Studio is a gem!"


"No matter how complex and tricky my lighting problems are, you help me solve them all - and with such enjoyment!  Renewed thanks for your unflagging help and happy personalities."

Judith A

"We are so impressed with your impeccable customer service!"

Faith and Greg

"Thank you so much for all of your excellent help with the lighting for our new home! We absolutely love every fixture and we never would have been able to do all of this without your assistance and guidance!"

Norman, Melanie & Anna

Our Services

Chris MacQuarrie is a Certified Lighting Consultant - a designation earned through the North American lighting industry's governing body, The American Lighting Association.

To book an appointment Chris can be reached at  AtlanticLightingDesign@gmail.com

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Choosing lighting for your home can be confusing as there is  much to consider.  Function, style, physical size, energy efficiency, quantity and quality of light are all factors that will affect the enjoyment of your environment and the tasks performed there.

So be prepared – we will ask you a lot of questions.  The more information you can give us, the better we're able to assist you.  By bringing room dimensions (including ceiling heights), paint colors, photographs of the space and adjacent spaces, other décor choices, and material samples, we'll be able to jump right into discussing styles, functions, bulbs and controls.

If you're working on something more involved – like renovating a room, building a new home, restoring an old one, retro-fitting or opening a business, we'll need more time together.  Please read about our Lighting Design Services.

Offering Lighting Consultations

Tracking down the perfect fixtures, exploring ideas and gathering great tips online from the comfort of your own home is so convenient, but if you need the assistance of a  Lighting Consultant please contact Chris MacQuarrie at AtlanticLightingDesign@gmail.com to arrange a consultation.

Lighting Design – Residential

If you’re building a new home or doing a major renovation, we can create a lighting plan that proposes solutions that are in harmony with your lifestyle and budget.  We ask that you supply us with a complete set of plans so we can understand the details of your project.

We’ll be able to serve you best if you share your vision with us.  So bring us paint colors, décor choices, and material samples.  Magazine photos of your design goals will be extremely helpful.  Be prepared to tell us how you’ll use your spaces and we'll be able to guide you with regards to styles, quantities and placement of lighting fixtures, bulbs and controls.

Good communication is essential.  If we’re designing your lighting plan, we’ll want to be on site for the walk-thru with your build team.

If you're undertaking a smaller renovation or make-over, this is an ideal time to implement lighting solutions that will enhance your enjoyment of and the beauty of your new project.  With a visit to your home, we'll create a lighting design that will be in harmony with your existing spaces and will light up your life.   We'll communicate with your designer/electrician/contractor to ensure that your lighting design is compatible with your new project and existing structure.

Hourly rates apply for these services.  Please contact us to discuss your project.

Here's what one residential client had to say...

Lighting Design – Commercial

Well designed lighting will create a pleasant atmosphere for your clients, provide sufficient task light for your employees, highlight your merchandise and be energy efficient - all of which will improve your bottom line!

Share your vision with us and we’ll provide you with a lighting plan that specifies fixture design, quantity and placement, lamp output, color temperature and wattage , including applicable controls.

Good communication is essential. If we’re designing your lighting plan, we’ll want to be on site for the walk- thru with your electrician, contractor or designer/architect.

Hourly rates apply for these services.  Please contact us to discuss your project.

Here’s what one commercial client had to say.

Landscape Lighting Design

We won't lead you down the garden path, but we will light your way.    Our professionals will handle the technical aspects - all you'll need to do is share your vision.   Bring us your plans, measurements, photographs and plant lists and we'll work with you to illuminate your outdoor living space.

Good communication is essential.  If we’re designing your lighting plan, we’ll want to be on site to meet with your landscape designer/installer.

Hourly rates apply for these services.  Please contact us to discuss your project.