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For almost twenty years, I have worked successfully with Chris MacQuarrie, since 2002 with her team at Atlantic Lighting Studio, and always feel confident in recommending that anyone who is investing in good quality lighting, use their products and services.

David Ripley, Beacon Hill Architectural Design

Chris has a good eye for the properties of light and for creating themes that are consistent with the architectural design of a project.  Her knowledge of product lines allows us to achieve lighting schemes that meet our clients’ expectations for quality while staying on budget.

Because of Chris’ thoughtful and professional approach, I feel confident referring our clients to her without reservation.

Vincent den Hartog, Architect

With landscape lighting, you bring your property to life at night while enhancing security and safety at the same time. When the sun goes down, let the magic begin!

In the summer of 2010 I decided to renovate my jewellery store here in Kentville. As most of our lighting fixtures were from the 1960’s and 70’s, a major part of the upgrade was to install new lighting to enhance the interior as well as the products we display. Another consideration was the efficiency and energy savings that could be had with updated lighting fixtures and lamps.

My interior designer recommended Chris and Atlantic Lighting and I was not disappointed. She evaluated our needs and the desired effect we wanted and the result was wonderful. Our interior has the ambiance we desired and the proper lamps bring out the true colours of the gemstones and precious metals of the jewellery we display which is an important factor when showing and selling product. Our customers comment on this positively and some even remark how our store stands out at night from the street with our interior and window showcase lights on.

Our interior temperature is much easier to manage as we no longer have vast numbers of high wattage halogen lamps producing enormous amounts of heat in the summer, and our energy consumption has decreased noticeably by 5 to 10 average kwh per day since the makeover. We rarely have to replace a lamp anymore whereas before it was a weekly occurrence and that is a cost savings as well.

In conclusion I would highly recommend Atlantic Lighting for anyone with business or residential lighting needs as they have the skills, knowledge and products to assess and implement a lighting plan to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Dave Reid, D.M. Reid Jewellers Ltd.

It was a creative pleasure working with Chris MacQuarrie and the Atlantic Lighting Studio Staff in designing the lighting atmosphere we envisioned at the Port Pub. We were looking for different moods in the rooms, but with an overall blending of color and light that was original and fun. This was skilfully accomplished with our [vision] and Atlantic Lighting Studio's talents and resources.

Lois Bowden and Chris Maltby, The Port Pub

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